Portfolio Financial Servicing Company

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July 16, 2019 – PFSC and First Associates, as part of the Stone Point Capital network of companies, are combining operations and merging service lines to form a single, world-class financial servicing company. This new, combined entity will be an industry leader specializing in loan and lease servicing, capital markets support and customer service support with an exceptional focus on technology and compliance. The partnership is the culmination of years of relationships with industry-leading clients, an ongoing commitment to excellence and track record on both sides of delivering outstanding growth and performance. Learn More.

Since 1992, Portfolio Financial Servicing Company (“PFSC”) has provided uninterrupted portfolio servicing, backup servicing and successor servicing to the markets we serve. We offer our clients exceptional services, robust technology, an experienced and tenured workforce and a variable cost model that affords our clients scalability, operating efficiency, servicing excellence, and an ability to focus on their core business objectives.

Some financial institutions offer third party servicing as a non-core component of their lending platform. At PFSC, primary, backup and successor servicing is all we do. Because we do not lend money, buy portfolios, originate or broker transactions or accept deposits, there is no inherent conflict of interest when engaging PFSC as your partner.