Multi-Jurisdiction Vehicle Titling

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vehicle titlingWhether you need assistance perfecting title on a new or used vehicle, re-titling to a new jurisdiction, obtaining a repo title, or changing the lien holder due to an asset sale or portfolio financing, PFSC has the dedicated team and experience to get the job done.  PFSC has developed a proprietary multi-state vehicle titling technology platform and currently provides its titling services across thousands of titled vehicles throughout the U.S and Canada.

Our title tracking system affords clients with timely and robust reporting regarding the status of all titled assets.  PFSC’s titling experts have intimate knowledge of the varying title requirements by jurisdiction across a variety of titled assets, whether you are leasing a vehicle, taking a security interest in a vehicle, or using a titled asset as additional collateral. PFSC can also manage the vehicle lien perfection and release process for any vehicle titled in Canada.

When engaging our titling group, clients are able to choose the level and scope of services they desire.  For example, PFSC can simply operate as your title custodian on behalf of your lender group.  We can process your title releases at the time of pay-off or asset disposition.  On numerous occasions, banks and other lenders have engaged PFSC on a portfolio basis to change the lien holder status in order to properly reflect the bank or lender’s security interest in the titled assets.  Or, you may simply finance or lease a few vehicles each month and would like to leverage PFSC’s titling expertise as opposed to developing your own.