Our Clients

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As a private label servicer, we value our clients’ confidentiality and do not make public our client list.  Our client base is diverse and generally falls into the following categories:

  • Bank-Owned and Privately Held Leasing Companies
  • Specialty Finance Companies (Merchant Cash Advance, Peer-to-Peer, Micro-Lending)
  • Structured Settlement, Lottery, Annuity and Royalty Purchasers
  • Large Domestic and International Banks
  • Regional and Community Banks
  • Marketplace Platforms
  • Credit Unions
  • Captive Finance Companies
  • Hedge and Investment Funds

Our client retention rate over the past three years has exceeded 95%.  And, our clients consistently recommend PFSC and our servicing capabilities to others.

In addition, PFSC works closely with the following counterparties:

  • Rating Agencies
  • Insurers
  • Credit Enhancers
  • Trustees/Trusts
  • Collateral Agents
  • Administrative agents
  • Custodians