Our People

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As a service provider, we are highly dependent upon our people, our processes and our technology to deliver an exceptional value proposition. Our people, more than any other attribute, sets PFSC apart from other service providers.

We start by performing a rigorous screening process that subjects a hiring candidate to 5-7 individual interviews. Qualified candidates typically have a minimum of five years of financial services industry experience and must pass a drug screen and have an acceptable 20-year civil and criminal background check.

During our screening process, we are seeking candidates that have both the aptitude and attitude to succeed at PFSC. Ideal candidates have a passion for customer service, are client-centric, and are driven to succeed in every pursuit. Once hired, PFSC works hard to provide an exceptional work environment. We do this by offering a robust benefits package, providing direct and timely feedback, maintaining open lines of communication at all levels of the organization, and ensuring that employees are well trained and expectations are well-defined.

The end result: an experienced, tenured, motivated employee base that works exceptionally hard every day to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Internal metrics prove this point. For example, the average tenure of a PFSC employee is almost nine (9) years, a clear indication that employee turnover is low.