PFSC Combines Operations with First Associates

PORTFOLIO FINANCIAL SERVICING COMPANYWith First Associates joining PFSC as part of the Stone Point Capital network of companies, they will be combining operations to form a single, world-class financial servicing company. PFSC and First Associates are two premier loan servicing companies in the industry, so it makes sense to leverage both companies’ experience, assets and relationships.

“Bringing together two clear leaders in any space is always a game-changer,” said John Enyart, President. “So, being able to combine all the knowledge, assets and leadership that PFSC and First Associates have together after years of competing is an impressive prospect that opens up a bright future.”

This new combined entity will be an industry leader specializing in loan and lease servicing, capital markets support and customer service support with an exceptional focus on technology and compliance. 

The partnership is the culmination of years of relationships with industry-leading clients, an ongoing commitment to excellence and track record on both sides of delivering outstanding growth and performance.

PFSC and First Associates will work together over the next 4-6 months to combine operations and develop their long-term growth strategy. With this integration, they will be able to offer the entire spectrum of servicing solutions including:

  • Consumer Loan and Lease Servicing
  • Commercial Loan and Lease Servicing
  • Customer Service Support
  • Backup Servicing and other Capital Markets Support
  • 3rd-Party Collections Services via their Activate Financial subsidiary

“First Associates and PFSC have competed head-to-head for many years and built up a large amount of mutual respect,” said David Johnson, CEO. “It is exciting to now come together to build the finest, most credible and solution-oriented loan servicing company in the industry.”

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