Portfolio Financial Servicing Company Selected As Backup Servicer for Peer-to-Peer Loan Portfolio

PORTLAND, OR. Portfolio Financial Servicing Company (“PFSC”) announced today that it has been engaged to provide backup servicing and, if appointed, successor servicing duties, for a consumer loan portfolio originated in the peer-to-peer lending space. Terms of the Backup and Successor Servicing Agreement remain confidential.

Commenting on this new engagement, John Enyart, President of PFSC, commented, “PFSC has been providing our backup and successor servicing services to the peer-to-peer or crowd funding community for a number of years. The underlying product, namely consumer installment loans, is certainly a core competency of PFSC which I believe prompted our appointment as backup servicer for this facility.”

Under the new facility, PFSC will perform data mapping, coding, development and ongoing data receipt, reconciliation and certification functions for the benefit of the client. As provided for in the transaction documents, PFSC would assume successor servicing duties should certain substantive events occur.

About Portfolio Financial Servicing Company

Portfolio Financial Servicing Company (“PFSC”) is a third party private label servicer of commercial and consumer leases, loans and annuity type transactions (inclusive of structured settlements, lottery prize, and royalty-based receivables). Since 1992, PFSC has serviced billions in asset value for a diverse group of clients across the U.S. PFSC provides a comprehensive suite of services including primary servicing, successor servicing, and backup servicing. PFSC also provides certain a la carte services such as document custodianship, multi-state vehicle titling and multi-state sales/use and personal property tax reporting and compliance. For more information, visit www.pfsc.com.