Private Label Portfolio Servicing

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PFSC has provided private label portfolio servicing for its clients since 1992. It currently services billions in asset value, across a variety of asset classes and product types in the commercial and consumer lease and loan space, as well as annuity based products (including structured settlement, lottery prize, life contingent and royalty-type transactions).

PFSC is a partner, not a competitor.  We do not lend money, accept deposits or purchase accounts for our own portfolio. One hundred percent of our time is devoted to servicing client portfolios.  Therefore, our interests are aligned with our clients.  With the added benefit of confirming SSAE 16 Type II (“SOC I”) compliance annually, maintaining a robust business continuity plan, and providing a pricing structure that routinely yields measurable cost savings for our clients, PFSC is an ideal partner to provide you with a customized portfolio servicing solution.

Private Label Portfolio Servicing

PFSC’s portfolio servicing solutions are intended to meet the specific needs of each client.  The scope of our portfolio servicing duties may include:

Every portfolio is unique and the motivations of our clients can vary.  At PFSC, our goal is to create a client-centric servicing solution that leverages PFSC’s proven technology platforms, seasoned staff, and validated processes.  Our objective is to service your portfolio consistent with your expectations.  Servicing procedures, invoice templates, pay-off methods, charge-off policies, repossession and remarketing policies, insurance practices and other facets of portfolio servicing are all reviewed and approved by our client prior to commencement of servicing.