Sales, Use and Personal Property Tax Administration

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Sales, Use and Personal Property Tax AdministrationSince inception, PFSC has provided our clients with exceptional multi-jurisdiction sales, use and personal property tax administration. Our experienced and tenured tax staff use industry-leading sales/use and personal property tax software platforms to administer and complete approximately 35,000 returns each year throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our sales/use tax group facilitates both paper and on-line filing requirements and routinely manages the EFT or live check payment submission process. Clients receive a monthly status report with regard to their sales/use tax liability and filing status in all jurisdictions where the client maintains a tax liability. PFSC can also manage and process zero liability returns and can process and file “final” returns when a client’s tax liability has come to an end. Copies of all returns are imaged and indexed and made available to our clients.

PFSC’s personal property tax group manages the initial return/rendition process, receives and audits tax bills back to the original filing, and provides clients with a lease/asset level assessment report.

Having been subject to audit on countless occasions on behalf of our client portfolios, our tax team is consistently exposed to taxing jurisdictions across the country. When engaging our tax group, clients are able to choose the level and scope of services they desire – from basic return preparation services to return submission and payment processing. And, if you need assistance registering in a new jurisdiction, PFSC can manage this process for you.